Race Hosted by: Athoril_

Speeding Circus - A North Loop Track Rat Race 🏁


1. Buy yourself a car from the following list: SC1, Cheetah and Vacca. (The voting was a tie, it was decided by a coin flip.) Customize them as you see fit, those who already have Track Rat can't use spoilers.

Event Itinerary:

1. Join Friends-Only session on Athoril_ . The session will be created 20 minutes before the start of the event.

2. Meet at the Observatory, for a car inspection. Bring the car which you would like to use in the race.

3. If there is demand, we can do Impromptu Races before the event to warm up.

4. We head into the race, called The North Loop by Broughy1322.

5. The first two rounds will be the Qualifying Session, to determine the starting position of the racers and get familiar with the track.

6. Everyone takes their position, according to their performance in the Qualifying Session.

7. The first racer will throw a grenade and the race begins when it detonates, any kind of weapon usage besides that is forbidden.


1. Everyone will be required to limit their FPS at 60. At the end of the event the host will ask for a Screenshot from the 1st player, when they pass the finish line. (Where the FPS counter is clearly visible.) Failing to present the screenshot means that their performance in the race will be disregarded, and the 2nd player will be asked show their screenshot.

example of fps limit

1.5. The frame lock and the screenshot can be done by your preferred software. (I can recommend RivaTuner with MSI Afterburner and Screenpresso for the screenshot)

2. Those players who already have the Track Rat role can’t use spoilers on their cars.

3. Weapon usage is forbidden.

4. By the community’s voting, any kind of boosting is prohibited. (Brake and Curb boosting, etc.) And the player who is caught doing it will be disqualified.

5. Intentionally crashing into other racers or disrupting the flow of the race will warrant a disqualification. (Accidents will happen, but try to minimize it.)

6. Try to only overtake racers when the risk of crashing is minimum, on the other hand if someone is clearly faster than you, let them pass.

7. While we realize that the Track Rat role is sought after by many players and things get heated, don’t forget to have fun.