Car Meet Exploration Hosted by: YG1231

Stunt Jumping Convoy: Part #2

Stunt convoy banner

Join YG in completing the remaining 25 out of 50 unique stunt jumps across the San Andreas area!


1. Necessary: Have car or a bike you’re most comfortable driving ready to take on the jumps. General recommendations:

- Bikes: Shotaro, Hakuchou Drag or even Bati 801 works in most cases.

- Cars: decently fast AWD Sports/Supercar should work.

2. Optional: record your gameplay either via 3rd party recording software or in-game recorder and post snaps after event in #halp-events. A thread will be created in which YG will be posting videos, following completed jumps as we progress through the list.

Event Itinerary

1. Join on YG1231 and meet at the specified location:

Meeting spot

2. follow YG1231 on a guided tour from one stunt jump to another. Order and locations of stunt jumps can be seen on the wiki.


1. Passive mode enabled from first jump onwards, to make event run smoother and quicker.

2. Maximum of 4 minutes per jump in order to finish the event in the set time window. If you run out of time at a jump, write it down and retry it again afterwards.