Stuntfred Race Hosted by: TrueNinjaFrog

StuntFred #3 (Modified Traditional Ruleset)

TrueNinjafrog will be hosting 2 instances of StuntFred per weekend, a variation of Gfred with various Stunt Race props to change the way it’s raced. Get ready to be splattered by frightened Cabrio drivers, fail the Airport jump, and suffer the monolithic size of Mt Chiliad in this familiar race, all garnished with the comfort and pleasure of flying tubes and highways.

The track we will be utilizing is StuntFred, by HammerToTheFace, a modified version of Gfred which was created as an anniversary celebration of the original Gfred race.

Event Itinerary

1. Join on TrueNinjafrog at the time of the event (or earlier, if you’d like!)

2. 15 minutes after the start time, the race shall begin.

3. Race!


The rules are the same as YG1231’s normal Gfreds. Except mine is more crazy and thus, objectively better :sunglasses:

1. No weapon usage at all (including selection wheel).

2. No killing/hitting/impeding anyone else.

3. Must complete the course without help from any other player.

4. Must get first car when on the freeway.

5. Must drive unaided using only throttle, brake and steering. (Brake/curb boosting is allowed.)

6. Traffic spawned cars only (no bikes/quads/planes, etc).

7. If you accidentally kill someone you must wait for them.

8. If you die on the freeway you may use your cycle to get back there.

9. For fairness sake, every participant is asked to set their FPS to 60, maximum. (No screenshot is needed this time.)