Adversary Modes Sumo Hosted by: DintNL

Sumo (Remix) Playlist #1 (2x GTA$ & RP)

Image credit: mattiejas

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Once the round starts, a part of the large platform will become the "safe zone", and all players have 30 seconds to get inside it and stay there, as any vehicle that is outside of this zone once the timer ends gets destroyed.

After the time ends, a new area of the map will be declared the safe zone, and the process repeats. Every safe zone circle is smaller than the last, shrinking down to the size of only approximately two vehicles. The entire round is four minutes.

If players on different teams are still alive once the 4-minute timer runs out, a sudden-death circle will appear. This circle will get smaller and smaller until only one team remains alive.

Handbrakes are disabled for this Adversary Mode. Round ends once all players from the opposing team are Knocked Out.

Parts of the large platform may also disappear at random, giving an additional challenge to the game mode.