Survive the Hunt 💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: Noobstaah

Survive the Hunt

map over event and instructions


Win by escaping the hunters or stopping the runner, depending on your team. Follow all the rules!

Common Rules (for everyone):

  1. There will be only 1 Runner at a time. No exceptions.
  2. Time period of Surviving the Hunt will be announced prior to the game. It varies with the number of players.
  3. Every single player in the game has to have the following settings turned off - to avoid cheating and to make the game as exciting and as enjoyable as possible.
  • HUD » Escape - Settings - Display - HUD = Off.
  • Radar » Escape - Settings - Display - Radar = Off.
  • Player names » Escape - Online - Options - Player Overhead Display = None.
  1. Make these changes in game settings and send me or the event organizer a screenshot of your game without HUD, Radar etc.
  2. All players must stay within defined area limits all the time. Area limits are defined by the map shown in images.
  3. The inside of the airport fence perimeter and the docks/terminal area are off-limits in case of LS map.
  4. Nobody can shoot from inside their cars. Except flares; everyone can shoot flares from inside vehicles.
  5. If you want to shoot allowed weapons, you must get out of the vehicle. Allowed weapons mentioned in team rules.
  6. Travel on foot is allowed for no more than 3 mins.
  7. Any type of explosive weapon is banned except when mentioned otherwise for a specific team.
  8. Any type of special/weaponized/armored vehicles are banned.
  9. Teams can join voice chat if they wish. It’s up to them.
  10. Chat can be used to communicate with each other.
  11. Don’t make any MC or CEOs. No exceptions. Don’t bitch about it in-game.
  12. Starting will only be with cars. No planes or helicopters for dramatic start

Runner Rules:

  1. Runners must survive a specified amount of time which will be mentioned in-game before the event.
  2. Runners are not allowed to leave the decided area of hunt. Underground areas (subway/train/etc) are not allowed.
  3. Runners have 1.5 mins head-start. They must change their personal vehicle with any Npc vehicle in this time to blend in with Npcs.
  4. Runner can pick any naturally spawning vehicle. If they own a naturally spawning vehicle, it can be used too.
  5. Runners are not allowed to fly. Only ground vehicles are allowed for Runner.
  6. Runner has access to all weapons and can shoot down Hunter air units too if they want. But must get out of the vehicle to do so.
  7. Runners can access RPGs or Homing Launchers only to shoot down Hunter air units.
  8. Runners must get out of their vehicles if they wish to shoot.
  9. Runners may not camp or hide inside buildings, underground areas or in car parks.
  10. Runner is allowed to briefly stop, but for no longer than a couple of minutes. This does not mean that they are not allowed to drive through road tunnels - they can, as long as they do not stay there for extended periods of time.

Hunter Rules:

  1. Hunters must wait 1.5 minutes after Runner has started before setting out to find Runner. I or one of the event organizers will be running a timer.
  2. Hunters are NOT ALLOWED to pick cars that they cannot edit in Los Santos Customs so no vigilantes or IPUCs etc.
  3. Hunters can only use 2 non weaponized air units (Helicopters) at the same time for larger Map and only 1 non weaponized air unit for smaller map. Get a npc heli if u dont have any.
  4. Hunter Air units are respawnable.
  5. Hunters are restricted to only mk1 pistols and mk1 shotguns. Atomizer is not allowed.
  6. Hunters must get out of their vehicles if they wish to shoot.
  7. Drive-by is not allowed. Running over Runner with a car or any vehicle is also not allowed. Crashing a heli into Runner, also not allowed.
  8. Helicopter pilots can only take-off when the Hunt starts. If they want to lose cops, take EWO. If you can’t EWO, then tell in chat, we can pause for 1,2 mins for you to lose cops or we can kill you.
  9. 1 hunter can sit as passenger in heli and use sniper scope to scope out larger areas if they want. But shooting is not allowed for this passenger