Destruction 💀 PvP 💀 Survive the Hunt Hosted by: Noobstaah

Survive the Run + Zancudo

pew pew

Same as Survive the hunt, but without 98% of its rules, because why not. Freedom intensifies! 1 runner vs loads of chasers. If runner survives for 5 mins, runner wins otherwise, *insert clown horn here.* Complimentary Zancudo raid shootout and shit-show afterwards!

Event Itinerary

1. Join the Friends-Only Session on Noobstaah at the time of the event.

2. Participate in Survive The Run

3. Participate in complimentary Zancudo shootout + shitshow


Runner: There is only 1 runner.

Objective: Survive for 5 minutes.

1. The Runner must puts 3 sticky bombs on their car front bumper.

2. Runner gets 20sec headstart.


Chasers: Chasers follow in pursuit of the Runner.

Objective: Destroy runner by shooting sticky bombs.

1. They must try to shoot sticky bombs with pistols only from inside their vehicles.

2. No special vehicles.

3. Only normal bikes/cars.

4. Only mk1 pistols allowed.

5. Don’t shoot runner directly, only shoot the bombs to blow runner up.

6. If chasers shoot and destroy runner’s car without exploding bombs, runner wins.