Car Meet Race Hosted by: Pircs_

The Black Pearl (Track Rat Race)

The Black Pearl by __Kasumi__

Qualifier: Two lap qualifier. Qualifier will be non-contact and current weather conditions.

Race: Ten lap race. Starting line up will be according to best lap times in the qualifier. Race will be on current weather conditions with no catchup or slipstream.


1. Buy yourself a car from the following list:

CarPriceSiteBroughy LaptimeTop Speed (MPH)
Overflod Entity XF$795,000LM1:02.323121.5
Ocelot Penetrator$880,000LM1:02.562124
Pegassi Reaper$1,595,000LM1:02.716121.75


1. A Friends-Only Session will be opened at the time of the event. Send Pircs_ a friend request to join.

2. Cars will be inspected in the main casino parking lot before the race.

3. The two lap non-contact qualifier will be opened ten minutes after the start of the event.

4. After the qualifier, we will proceed via the ‘replay’ post-race option back into the race. We will not start the race at the countdown. Cars will line up according to best lap times after the countdown. After line up the lead driver will throw a grenade to start the race.

5. Upon detonation the race will proceed.

After Party: TBD. (may go beyond one hour)


1. Clean racing; respect other racers, don’t crash into anyone on purpose.

2. No use of weapons other than the detonation at the start.

3. Limit FPS to 60.

4. Respawns during the race must be off track the track.

Track Rat: No spoilers for Track Rats other than the stock spoiler that results from selecting ’no spoiler’ and cannot be eliminated from the Penetrator.

Since Track Rats are handicapped, only the person who finishes first is eligible to become a Track Rat.