Car Meet Fashion Hosted by: RomanBrandt84

The HALPers Ball - #2

Welcome to the second HALPers Ball! It's a sky-high event to celebrate all the HALPers, past and present. New HALPers, established HALPers, we're a family. This is for us!

THEME - Midnight - theme colors are blue, purple, gray, and black.

HALPers Ball


1. Create an outfit. The apparel for this event is formal, so dress to impress! No store limits, from Binco to the Casino store. Masks are fine. Outfits should use at least one of the theme colors. You can also create a separate outfit for the neons portion, and this outfit does not need to be formal, but one of the theme colors is suggested. Don’t forget about hair, this can also be used to express our theme colors if you want! Show off your creativity.

2. Prepare a vehicle for the neons portion of the event. Neon kit is the only requirement, but we’ve got some creative peeps, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with beyond that!

Event Itinerary

The day before, I will post a link in the Discord where you can nominate HALPers for HALP royalty.

1. We’ll meet at my penthouse for the initial before-party. Take a limo there, either from the casino limo service or a HALPer-provided limo service. Feel free to ride with other HALPers!

3. We’ll move to the roof of Arcadius Business Center via heli limo. We can try to get a party bus, a Benny’s car, or a Club up there for music. We’ll be announcing HALP royalty at this point, and then we’ll hang out and party with the city lights as our backdrop.

4. After this, we’ll parachute down to street level and assemble into the HALP royalty parade, with HALP royalty leading the way. Bring your neon kit equipped vehicle for this, and we’ll head for the neons garage for the car meet afterparty! We’ll show off our rides, our outfits, etc. Check out what your fellow HALPers have created!


1. No weapons, no cops, no fire dept

2. Do not purposely damage another HALPer’s vehicle.

3. No PvP. Accidents happen, especially on top of a skyscraper, but try to keep it to a minimum.

4. No modding.

5. Be ready have fun!