Non-GTA Event Hosted by: FaUsT8690

Town of Us with FaUsT (Among Us Mod)


Sup Party People! This Saturday at 14:00 GMT, I will be hosting an Among Us game with the mod 'Town of Us'! This mod adds a LOT of new roles and abilities. For example - Crewmates can get a role 'Sheriff', which allows you to actually kill impostors as a crewmate! But gotta be careful with that, because if you kill a crewmate, then you will die as well! Imposters can get role 'Morhling'. It allows you to take shape of other players for a short period of time. Or you can even get a neutral role with a completely different win condition. Like for the role 'Jester' you actually need to get yourself voted out to win the game; silly right? and there's a lot more roles where those came from!

1. Download the mod here and extract it to your game folder.