Car Meet Exploration Fashion Hosted by: Gritz_

Tudor's Tour: An Action Figure Collectable Caravan

action figures Action Figures Map in GTA Online

Cozy up with your favourite HALPer in the back of a crowded Insurgent Pick-Up Custom and buckle in for this long-form cruise and action figure collecting adventure. Expect several hours of adventuring as we follow a defined route of 100 checkpoints comprised of action figures scattered across San Andreas. Bring your swim suit and comfy clothes! Collecting all statues unlocks the Impotent Rage Outfit and Hair, aka: the Tudor outfit. We will go around in a caravan of Insurgent Pick-Up Customs to collect all 100 statues.

Event Itinerary

1. Join Friends-Only session on gritz_ . The session will be created 15 minutes before the start of the event.

2. We meet at the Los Santos International Airport.

3. Starting from LSIA we go around the map gathering all of the Action Figures in the order listed on the wiki, there are 100 in total.

4. We will take several Insurgent Pick-Up Customs for their blend of speed, capacity, and offroading capability. Try to fit as many people into as few vehicles as possible, hanging off the side where possible.


1. No weapons, or fighting of any kind. This is a non-PvP event.

2. If you get a wanted level, call Lester to remove it. If you are on cooldown, use CEO - Bribe Authorities.

3. Drivers, please exercise caution not to knock off passengers from the vehicles.

4. Other instructions will be given, as required, at the time of the event.