Car Meet Exploration Fashion Hosted by: RomanBrandt84

Welcome To Los Santos: The Vespucci/Vinewood Cruise - #1

Welcome To Los Santos: The Vespucci/Vinewood Cruise

Welcome to Los Santos, where all the movie magic happens! You're about to get a taste of what makes this town so special. Food, gas, and tickets are all included in this role-play vacation package, so be ready to clog drive thru lanes, jam pack gas stations, and be a great big tourist among the palm trees of sunny southern San Andreas! Our vacation package also includes a stay at the Diamond Casino and Resort, and access to the Music Locker! This is the first of two instances, each approximately 2.5 hours long. You are welcome to participate in both! Instances may run a bit longer depending on the crowd.


1. Necessary: Steal or purchase a drop top/cabrio/no top vehicle. There are very few limitations this time. Avoid weaponized and/or military vehicles. If the weapons are hidden, that’s fine as long as they’re not used. Most drop top/cabrio/no top/open top vehicles are fine. Some vehicles have options at LSC to remove the roof or add an open top.

2. Necessary: Create a beach outfit. This can be a swimsuit, shirt and shorts, tank tops, or any combination of summertime clothing items. Hats, accessories, and shoes are optional, but feel free get creative! Flip flops and sunglasses will fit the vibe, but the options are open. All clothing stores/locations are fine, including the Diamond Casino store, the clothing truck at the LS Car Meet, and the shops on Vespucci Beach.

3. Optional: Prep multiple drop top vehicles and outfits. There’s no limit on how many times you can change vehicles or outfits. If you’ve got a few prepped, feel free to show them off. There will be a car meet at the end, so multiple vehicles may come in handy!

Event Itinerary

1. Join the Friends-Only Session on RomanBrandt84 and head to LSIA. We’ll meet up at the Escalera rental car lot on Greenwich Parkway (between the airport LSC location and the LSIA Von Crastenburg Hotel) and wait for everyone to join. We’ll give it about 15 minutes. After that, people arriving will join us during the cruise. If it’s night once things get started, we’ll head to the Diamond Casino and Resort for a party at the Music Locker. Otherwise, we’ll just start the tour!

2. We’ll drive to Backlot city and park inside the gates so we can explore the complex on foot. There’s a lot more to it than we usually see during missions!

3. We’ll go on a driving tour of the homes of some famous Los Santos residents, both celebrities and stars of missions, and get food and gas at some point. Be prepared for a couple longer stretches of driving to reach some of the destinations.

4. We’ll see a couple of the landmarks of Vinewood and surrounding areas, and then go see a movie together at the Oriental Theater on Vinewood Boulevard and check out the walk of fame.

5. We’ll settle into our accommodations at the Diamond Casino and Resort and have a car meet.

6. In the morning, we’ll head to Vespucci Beach to catch some sun, and then head back to LSIA to catch our flight out of town (If someone wants to provide a flight out, feel free to do so.)

NOTE: The order of these events may vary slightly.


1. Be respectful of others. Avoid damaging the vehicles of others, PvP, etc. Accidents are unavoidable with this kind of event, but use caution to try to prevent it.

2. This is a role-play slow cruise. We’ll be driving at NPC speed, with traffic, obeying stop lights where possible. When we’re on foot exploring, we’ll be doing a bit of walking. We may also be staying at some famous Los Santos hotels at night!