Car Meet Exploration Fashion PvE Hosted by: RomanBrandt84

Vintage Violence III (Part Two)

Get ready to f*ck shit up, old sport

We're finally out of prison, Old Sport. Time to do it all again! Join us for the second session of Vintage Violence!


Necessary: Prep a vehicle. No vehicles that would have been new after 1955. We’re going full vintage! The Half-Track is allowed. The Albany Roosevelt is available. If you’ve bought it in the past, it should still be unlocked.

Necessary: Prep a vintage outfit! Valentine’s Day clothing was recently available in the stores, and if you’ve bought it before, it should still be unlocked. Otherwise, feel free to experiment and come up with something that looks like you might be heading to a speakeasy. Get creative and show off your vintage style!

Optional: Prep a Gusenberg Sweeper to use for visual effect. Not necessary, but will add a bit of authenticity. Otherwise, all weapons are allowed except for the alien guns.

Event Itinerary

1. Join Friends-Only Session on RomanBrandt84 (send a friend request if we’re not friends) and meet up at the Yellow Jack Inn.

2. Once we’re all in, we’ll head over to the Sandy Shores Airfield and board Cargobobs to attempt to parachute into the prison! From there, we’ll all try to escape the prison alive and make it to Pacific Standard Bank in Los Santos, where the action will really ramp up!

3. It’s time to defend our reputations as bank robbers! We’ll take over Pacific Standard and hold the police off.

4. Afterward, we’ll assemble at the Colors of Los Santos parking lot overlooking the city for the Lover’s Lane Car Meet to celebrate! Vintage cars before 1955 preferred.


1. Be respectful of others.

2. No PvP. PvE only, we’ll be targeting the police rather than our fellow HALPers. Accidents happen, but avoid it when possible.

3. Come prepared to take in the sights and see what your fellow HALPers come up with as far as vehicles and outfits. We’ll be a bunch of flapper girls and gangsters!

4. No alien guns.