This page serves as a guide to answer popular questions from our community.

General Info

What is FIBC?

“FIBC” stands for Friends in Banned Crews. You and your friends should not be a member of these crews. Look carefully at their primary and secondary crews when searching.

Banned Crew NameCrew Tag
Payne KillersMP3
Los Santos BangersLSB
Zombie CowboysZBC
Red Dead RustlersRDR
The Midnight ClubTMC
LAPD GumshoesLAN
G4 CrewG4TV
Manhunt ExecutionersMHE
Las Venturas BookiesLVB
Vice City MambasVCM
Destructoid CrewTOID
Hot 97HOT
Liberty SwingersLCS
Game Informer CrewINFM
Famitsu CrewFAMI
Beaterator DJsBR8
San Fierro 69ers69R
Bullworth AlumniBUL
GameSpot CrewSPOT
Table Tennis ProsTTP
GameStop ATLGS01
GameStop CHIGS02
GameStop LAGS03
GameStop NY-NJGS04
GameStop CLE-DETGS05
GameStop PHIGS06
GameStop CT-BOSGS07
GameStop RAL-CLTGS08
GameStop BHM-NSHGS09
GameStop KC-DALGS10
GameStop HOU-SAGS11
GameStop MIA-ORLGS12
GameStop SF-SACGS13
GameStop DEN-SEAGS14
GameStop DC-CINGS15
GameStop PHX-PRGS16
Sprunk OfficialSPNK
eCola OfficialCOLA

Get a more detailed look at these banned crews on the Rockstar Social Club website. Make sure you and your friends are not in any of these banned crews using the FCL.

Firstly, we do not have any personal issues with any of the crews shown in the Banned Crews List. However, the main issue is that they are Rockstar-sponsored crews and they have too high of a member count. For instance, the crew IGN has over 6.1 MILLION members.

Rockstar’s matchmaking system will put crewmates in the same session together. If you are a member of any banned crews and play in our session, your crewmates and other potential hostile players will quickly pour into the session, which makes it unsuitable to do any type of non-pvp free-roam activities. This is why you and your friends cannot be in any banned crews.

Additionally, these troublemakers are up to no good. These guys have consistently violated our rules and continued to show misconduct in our community. They are prohibited from reapplying or playing in our sessions. Remove them from your friend’s list to ensure that they will not be able to join our sessions through your Social Club friend connection.

#Banned Players
2cynicalroute / cynicalroute2924 / cynicalroute2925 / cynicalroute2926
4z-Irresistible / MunchingZia

What is Friends’ Crew List?

Abbreviated as “FCL”, this is a list that shows all the crews your friends are in. It can be used to quickly see if you have any friends in banned crews. Please refer to the Application Process and Rules pages for more details.

Reporting Other Players

If you notice any form of misconduct within our community, you can report it directly by opening a ticket with Ms. Baker, our Head of Support. Gather as much evidence as you can, such as relevant screenshots or video captures. We advise members to communicate effectively and attempt to resolve conflicts diplomatically first, before escalation.


Event Sessions

“Event Sessions” are defined as any GTA Freemode session in which an Official HALP Crew Event takes place. Event Sessions are subject to the same PvP Rules as Official HALP Sessions unless explicitly stated by the Head of Activities for that event.

Post-Event Activities

After some events, it is common for consensual PvP-based activities to occur in the Event Session after the event has ended, (e.g. sniper battles on the beach, tank or plane battles at Zancudo, etc.) Follow the HALP PvP Rules and ensure no non-consenting parties are involved.

Not following the HALP PvP Rules when applicable in Event Sessions is a strikeable offense. As always, we encourage HALPers to use their best judgement when deciding whether other members are consenting to PvP before initiating any attacks.



All sessions have a CEO/MC slot limit of 10 total. You are allowed to source for your businesses when there are enough slots. However, when the session is highly populated, be ready to give up your slot to those that need it for sale missions. We advise doing source missions in less populated sessions instead.


Sale Train

When there are several HALP members trying to do sales at once, you are encouraged to coordinate together to complete them efficiently. This is referred to as a “Sale Train”. Often, HALP members will form 8-person groups and sell one-after-another until all sales are done. If you are looking for members to join you for sales and there is already a sale train going on, you may see members ask you to “join the train” in the chat, indicating that people are queued to sell before you, and that you can get help from the active train during your sale.

It is common courtesy to reciprocate by helping those that have helped you.

Sale and Bail

A “Sale and Bail” refers to a player that asks for help with their own sale missions, but rarely returns the favour and helps other people. If you consistently behave this way, it can damage your reputation in the community. Players are expected to be courteous and help each other with sale missions when possible.

LF3 5MC + Bunker

If you have multiple pending sale missions to complete, remember to properly communicate to your fellow sale halpers properly to avoid confusion.

The example in the title would be:
Looking For 3 Members for 5 Motorcycle Club Businesses + Bunker = 6 Sales Total

A typical response to this request for assistance would be very simply: inv, if there are no active sale trains. Remember, it is common courtesy to reciprocate by helping others.

Business Battle Goods

Introduced as part of the “After Hours” DLC update, players can collect crate-based objectives in exchange for rewards. There are two types of business battle goods:

  • 8x crate
  • 2x crate / single-vehicle

To reduce conflicts, consider the following:

  • If you want to claim a BB crate, inform other HALP members immediately by claiming “BB” in chat, and retrieve it as soon as possible.
  • As usual: be courteous; communication is key.
  • Many of the single-vehicle objectives can be “split” by destroying the vehicle. Divide the crates equally among members by “splitting” the crates when other members want to share it.
  • During the 8-crate Business Battle missions, take only your fair share. Don’t be greedy, unless nobody else in the session has expressed interest in any of the crates.

Minimize Risks

When you are doing missions with other HALP members, communicate effectively so that everyone in the group knows their role. Be cautious in general to finish the mission quickly and safely. Do not take unneccesary risks.


How many sessions do we have?

Currently, we have several “Session Bots” that HALP members can utilize. There are also unofficial community sessions that are hosted by HALP members in our community. You can learn more about them on our Discord.


Consensual PvP is allowed with the following conditions:

  • Everyone in the game session needs must be informed about the PvP brawl and the members involved. We recommend doing PvP in Invite-Only sessions or other public sessions instead, however.
  • We never initiate attack on other players and their sale/source missions.
  • When other players are participating in consentual PvP, monitor the radar and be aware of your surroundings. Keep a reasonable distance away from other players.
  • PvP can also be used as defense in the extreme scenario where your source/sale mission is being actively attacked by hostile players.

AFK Responsibly

Being “AFK” for a short period of time is allowed, however, don’t AFK in our sessions for long periods of time. We suggest you AFK in an Invite-Only session where your business products will continue to accumulate. If you do AFK in our sessions, you may cause black screens and other loading issues for the active players in the session.

Note: AFKing is allowed if you are AFK in a normal way, by just standing still. In that case, the game will kick you after 15 minutes automatically. It’s only prohibited to AFK and prevent being kicked (by watching TV or security cameras, for example). If we suspect that you are AFK, you will be tagged on Discord. As the normal AFK timer is 15 minutes, you will have 15 minutes to respond to the ping before a votekick is initiated on you.

It is possible that your friends join into our session while you are AFK without you knowing and you will be responsible for their actions. Refer to Presence Visibility to adjust your online settings.

Proximity Mines

As mentioned in the Rules, proximity mines of any variety are forbidden because they are prone to cause accidents. You shouldn’t buy them, and you definitely shounldn’t use them. (applies to hand-deployed, vehicle-deployed, and any other variants.)

There is a Bunker sale mission that requires players to drive the Dune FAV vehicle with business products loaded inside. This vehicle is equipped with deployable proximity mines by default. When driving during this mission, do not press the “Car Horn” button (default E or L3) because it will trigger a proximity mine to drop. It can easily destroy sale mission products and kill other players. This is very critical and we ask all members to be aware of it.

If you drop a proximity mine by mistake, inform other players immediately, and destroy it as soon as it is safe to do so. Alternatively, inform other players immediately, and then throw 5 Sticky Bombs in a safe area (far away from other players) and detonate all of them at once. This will clear any remaining proximity mines that you may have dropped.

Other Free-Roam Based Activities

Theses include (but are not limited to) VIP missions, MC contracts, and client jobs. Be cautious when doing these missions to avoid hitting other players and their sale missions.

Due to the slot limitation of CEO/MC organizations, the priority should be given to those that are doing business sale related missions (ie. Special cargo crates, MC businesses, Bunker sale, Nightclub sale, etc..) This is especially important when a session is highly populated.

Only one of these missions can occur at a time in any session, and because of this, it is wise to team up with other willing HALP members. Better yet, if you want to play these missions repeatedly, you can do so in low-population sessions or Invite-Only sessions.

Heist Prep Missions

Introduced as part of “The Doomsday Heist” and “The Diamond Casino Heist”, and continued in the “Cayo Perico Heist” update, players can complete prep (setup) missions prior to the heist finale. Highlighted below are couple of things that our community should be aware of.

  • As you all know, public sessions like the ones we provide have a CEO/MC organization slot limit of 10. Generally, this means that the priority should be given to business related missions (ie. Special Cargo, MC businesses, Night Clubs etc…).
  • Doomsday Heist, Diamond Casino Heist and Cayo Perico Heist prep missions can and should be completed in Invite-Only sessions. Doing so helps to create space in our public sessions for business related missions. This is especially important when our sessions are highly populated.

As of now, the points mentioned above only act as guidelines so there is some flexibility. However, if this becomes an apparent issue, we will have no choice but to enforce a firm rule in regards to the prep missions.

Like always, we kindly advise our members to make the correct judgement and reduce potential conflicts.


Getting Started with Discord

  1. Download the Discord App
  2. Register and Login
  3. Join our Discord server

Discord Participation

It is required that you join our Discord server and be informed of any updates. There are also plenty of valuable resources that can enhance your experience in the community. If you are a new player looking to join our community, Discord is definitely a good place to start.


Remember that your Rockstar Social Club name should always be an exact match to your Discord nickname. You are able to change your own Discord nickname on the server if you are unverified, please change it.

You have the option to change your nickname for our Discord server without affecting the name you use for other servers. If you wish to change your Rockstar Social Club name and/or Discord nickname, please contact the Officers via our bot


Each of the channels in our Discord server has a specific purpose. Make sure that the things you say or do are appropriate for that particular channel. We try our best to avoid being strict moderators, but it is also your responsibility to be friendly, treat others with respect, and stay on-topic.

Most channels have a helpful description and you can check the pinned messages to learn more about their details.

Heist Lingo

The syntax that many HALP members use for requesting teammates for a Casino Heist Finale can be confusing if you are unfamilar with the Casino Heist… so let’s break it down a bit.

LF1 SnS Art Hard 3%
Both Daily
Retinue Mk2

Player Count

The first part is the number of players that the member is requesting to play with them: LF 1-3 = Looking For # (usually 1; noobs can get carried by someone good)

Entry Method

This is how you get in, and it also affects a lot of other things.

  • SnS aka Silent and Sneaky: entry method; kill guards on your way in and don’t get caught
  • G6 aka the Big Con: Gruppe Sechs van entrance; impersonate a delivery to get in
  • Aggressive: shoot your way in; not many people do this one because the other two can be done without loss of any cash on the way out

GTA Difficulty

This is a setting that is selected on the pre-heist setup screen. From least to most valuable:

GTA DifficultyMultiplier


This is the main vault content/loot that you are attempting to steal. From least to most valuable, these are:

Vault ContentsHard $Normal $


Whether you are hitting the smaller daily vault in the casino. From least to most valuable:

OptionWhen?Additional $
1 DailyEither on the way in or out$5,000-$100,000*(?)*
2 DailiesOn the way in and out$10,000-$200,000*(?)*

#% Hacker

This represents the amount of time you have inside the vault. Lower hacker #% means higher potential cut, but less time to steal.

PercentNameTime (sneaky)Time (loud)
3%Rickie Lukens2:301:30
5%Yohan Blair2:451:45
7%Christian Feltz3:002:00
9%Paige Harris3:252:25
10%Avi Schwartzman3:302:30

Last is the escape method you use to get away after stealing.

  • Retinue Mk2 escape
  • Sewer escape
  • Heli escape
  • Vagrant escape
  • Sentinel escape
  • whatever other cars, else

Put this all together, and here is an example of what you will see:

LF1 SnS Art Hard 3%
Both Daily
Retinue Mk2

This person is looking for 1 person to do a Silent and Sneaky Art heist on Hard difficulty, with 3% hacker (aka Rickie), meaning 2m:30s inside the vault; they will be hitting daily vaults on the way in and out, and escaping in the Retinue Mk2. This format is fairly consistent.


The vouching system is designed for you to show our community to your friends once you become a verified member. It is important to note that your friends must follow all of our rules and guidelines otherwise you should not vouch for them. You should be very familiar with all of our rules especially Rule 5 before proceeding to vouch for someone else.

We know you are loyal and would hate to see you abandon your buddies. No problem at all. You are allowed to vouch for your friends to play in our sessions temporarily, if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You are responsible for your friends’ actions. Their Social Club profile needs to have “Profile Visibility” set to “Everyone” and “Show my Friends” set to “Yes” at all times. It is your job to make sure their profile is visible to players in the session.
  • They must have a Clean Profile before vouching.
  • They must abide by all of our rules and play in a non-hostile manner.
  • Use the /vouch request <playername> command in the #5-vouch-a-friend channel on Discord
  • Wait for your vouch to be accepted by another HALP member before your friend joins
  • Your friend cannot invite anyone else into the session
  • You cannot vouch for someone that has an Under-18 Social Club Profile
  • Friends can only be vouched for a maximum of 3 times, and each vouch is valid for 24 hours; encourage them to apply beyond that
  • If any of the above conditions are not met, you will be given a warning. Collect three of these warnings and you will lose your vouching privileges for three months, so act wisely.

We try our best to make reasonable accommodations, so please do your part to help keep our sessions safe.

Social Club

Is it manditory to join the Social Club Crew and wear the HALP crew tag?

Members are encouraged to represent our community by wearing our crew tag. You are required to join one of our Social Club crews, and will be invited to do so after becoming a full Halp Member. Wearing our crew tag is optional, which means you can set any other non-banned crew as a primary active crew.

Profile Visibility

As mentioned in the rules, you must have a clean Social Club profile which means Profile Visibility is set to “Everyone” and Show my Friends is set to “Yes”. This is to make sure that your profile is always up to standard.

For existing HALP members that are under the age of 18, you need to set Profile Visibility to “Friends” and set Show my Friends to “Yes”. This requirement is also highlighted in our Rules page.

Keep in mind that you can adjust these settings on the Rockstar Social Club website and feel free to contact us on Discord, should you need help.

Presence Visibility

This setting allows you to hide/un-hide your online presence when you enter the game and can only be changed in the game through the Social Club overlay. Do not confuse it with Profile Visibility.

When you are playing in our sessions, it is possible that your friends or crew-mates join the session through you. Even if they are friendly players, they may not meet our standards and so we kindly advise them to leave.

We recommend setting your Presence Visibility to “Me Only” so that other players, including your friends, cannot join our session through you. View an example of the required Presence Visibility settings.

Why did the session bots unfriend me on Social Club?

There could be many reasons for this.

  1. Violating our rules or guidelines
  2. Extended periods of inactivity from the game and/or the community
  3. You already have a different session bot or LittleHalper in your Friends List