Events hosted by Foxtrautus:

Avengers, Disassemble!

Objective: Destroy all enemy Avengers, while flying around, as a duo, to win. Event Itinerary: 1. Meet in friends-only session 2. Form up in teams of two, in Avengers 3. Explode! Rules: 1. Do not crash into enemy Avengers. Red can host an event for that if you want. 2. You will be flying around. Autopilot, and being stationary for more 5 seconds, are not allowed. 3. If your team’s Avenger is down, wait down there till the round is over.

HALP's Wipeout Event

Carball Wipeout Hosted by: Foxtrautus 3600

Header 1: Small description and some bold text if you want. Objective Have fun, or else... Event Itinerary 1. what do we do 2. then? 3. some more 4. no TimeAndDate September 26, 2020 1400 UTC.

HALP's Street Fighter Tournament

💀 PvP 💀 Hosted by: Foxtrautus 3600

Objective First participant to win 3 rounds, will win the match Tournament rules: If a participant in a match is pinned down, wait for that person to get back up before continuing the match No health/armour regen, i.e., snacks, armour, calling Merryweather or whatever No Bullshark Testosterone No MC/CEO Event Itinerary Everyone is to meet up at the first venue which will be informed during the event Fighting begins Change location Repeat 2-3 until the last match Announcement of tournament champion Prize: 85% cut of casino heist, which the preps are all done by me Attire: Martial Arts-related outfits.