Events hosted by Grace_Nam_KR:

HALP Secret Rally Event #1 (Track Rat Race)

Preps 1. Required: Purchase one of the following non-banned vehicles. No restrictions for Track Rats. The following vehicles are recommended: Recommended Vehicles Price Site Karin Kuruma (Non-Armored) $126,350 SSSA Sultan RS (Benny’s) $795,000 Benny’s Sultan RS Classic $1,789,000 SSSA Lampadati Tropos Rallye $816,000 SSSA The following vehicles have been tested: Approved Vehicles Banned Vehicles Sultan RS Elegy RH8 Sultan RS Classic Elegy Classic (no skylines :( Kuruma (Non-Amroured) Jugular Calico GTF Flash GT Omnis Issi Sport Tropos Rallye GB200 Toros Comet Safari Penumbra Blista Kanjo (this was painful) Issi Rally All supers except the Sultan RS Briso R/A Sentinel Classic Sugoi 2.