Events hosted by NerfyF:

Rocky Springs

Car Meet Exploration Hosted by: NerfyF 5400

Welcome to the first event ever hosted by one of our newest event organizers, NerfyF! Objective We will be using 4x4's and offroad vehicles to tackle the mountains and enjoy the beautiful landscape around Los Santos. We will explore the map to find new and beautiful destinations while relaxing with a few of your buds, climbing mountains, and swimming in springs. Event Itinerary Meet in HALP Session on NerfyF, possibly move to Invite-Only Session depending on turnout First, we will climb Mount Gordo and explore the wonderful landscape around Second, we will tackle Mount Chilliad; climbing to the top, taking pictures, and all around just enjoying the relaxing environment Rules: This is going to be mountain climbing, so we will be going at a nice, slow, and realistic pace.