Events hosted by Noobstaah:

Noobstaah's Off Road Adventure

Car Meet Exploration Hosted by: Noobstaah 10800

Group together and explore the wilderness, deserts, canyons, and mountain ranges that San Andreas has to offer. Show the capabilities of your off-roading trucks and cars by climbing steep hills & mountains. Show off your custom suspension systems while high speed off-roading in the ragged hills of Great Chaparral and sand dunes of Grand Senora desert. And finally demonstrate your cooperative driving skills on the steep slopes of Mount Chiliad.

Power Show-Off

Helloo there Los Santossss! Noob here with you and we got another event ahead of us in this city of crimee!! Oh, I love this town, love it like you might love Lester who doesn’t pick up your phone when you are trying to lose cops and now stops you to ask if you want to have orgy with him Every day here means a hundred new criminals but only half these assholes will survive a year, and that’s it if it’s a good one, and why do these peeps come to LS?

Noob's Weed Collectibles Caravan (100/100)

Join Noobstaah at the time of the event. Once everyone is in the session, we will start collecting the remaining 50 packets of weed. It will take some time since it took about 3 hours last time too, but we WILL collect all 51-100/100 bags. Collecting less than 100 bags is for Noobs! Be a Chad, dont be a Noob! Collecting all 100 weed gives 100k RP, GTA$150k, and some crappy t-shirt.

Noob's Weed Collectibles Caravan (50/100)

Welcome to the laziest event ever hosted! Does Lamar wants some of his weed back? or something else? idfk. Either way the mission is to collect 100 weed from different locations all across the map and deliver it to Lamar. Join Noobstaah if you want for this event and again next weekend to collect all 100 weed packets. It gives 100k RP, GTA$150k, and some crappy t-shirt. We will gather up and collect 50 weed packets in the first run and the remaining 50 weed packets next weekend.

Draugurururur Off-Roading

Declasse Draugruru is a new off-roader in GTA: Online. Testing shows that it can achieve what none have ever achieved. It can climb seas, swim in mountains, fly off-road, and run on train tracks while beating trains in a drag race. We ought to test these “features” of the off-roader by having a car meet. Yes! you heard me right. A car meet on an island. So use your Dragruru’s sea climbing skills and gather at the shack island where Mr.

Gonna Be A Rough Ride - Sumo (Remix)

Adversary Modes Sumo Hosted by: Noobstaah 7200

Do you yearn for the days of free-roam carball+sumo with Noobstaah? Well, this isn't that, but with 2X GTA$ and RP on Sumo (remix) mode, we will have some fun participating with fellow HALPers. Event Itinerary 1. Join Friends-Only Session on Noobstaah at the time of the event and meet at the Casino parking lot. 2. Wait for everyone at casino parking. 3. Buckle up, its gonna be rough. We will play multiple matches and will try to play all maps.

Survive the Hunt #2

Survive the Hunt is finally back! Go shopping, buy NPC clothes, and observe closely how NPCs drive because you definitely will want to become an NPC when the whole session is after your blood! Make the required changes in game settings according to the rules below, and send Noobstaah a screenshot of your game without HUD, Radar, or Player Overhead Display and you will be invited to the session up to 30 minutes before the event start time.

Assisted Post-Op Race and Team Effort Challenge

Join Noobstaah for an organized Post-Op race from LSIA to the top of Chiliad. After the race, we will have a ultimate co-op event, i.e. get a party bus on Chiliad top in snow. We have done this before without snow and it was pretty hard, but this time in snow, it will be the ultimate test of off-roading and team effort. Any vehicles is allowed for pushing. First team to get their Post-Op to Chiliad top wins.

4th of July Carball

Carball Car Meet Hosted by: Noobstaah 5400

We will start with a small car-meet until everyone joins, and then go to the Carball location in the sewers behind Videogeddon. ( If you don't know what Carball is see this video: ) Tip: Electric cars, (especially the Cyclone) have very good acceleration, and are pretty good for Carball. Event Itinerary 1. Meet in Friends-Only Session on Noobstaah , have car meet until Carball begins 2. Assemble in sewers behind Videogeddon, set up the pitch/field 3.

Ridiculous Carmeet, Episode 2: Mining Islands

A carmeet where you wont be able to drive your cars! Two parts of the carmeet; drivability will be very limited in both meetups. Have fun! Rules 1. Every car must have neon lights. 2. If you don’t have a car from the list, buy one. They aren’t that expensive. 3. No weapons allowed. Instead buy a handheld flashlight from Ammu-nation. 4. If you have a cargobob, perfect, otherwise pickup services will be provided.

Survive the Run + Zancudo

Same as Survive the hunt, but without 98% of its rules, because why not. Freedom intensifies! 1 runner vs loads of chasers. If runner survives for 5 mins, runner wins otherwise, *insert clown horn here.* Complimentary Zancudo raid shootout and shit-show afterwards! Event Itinerary 1. Join the Friends-Only Session on Noobstaah at the time of the event. 2. Participate in Survive The Run 3. Participate in complimentary Zancudo shootout + shitshow Rules: Runner: There is only 1 runner.

Maze Bank Exclusive Car Meet and Parade

Car Meet Fashion Hosted by: Noobstaah 7200

Hello from the clouds! You know what is better than loading in your arcade in GTA:O? Loading on top of Maze Bank Tower… because it’s closer to the clouds. Nevermind, that was a bad joke. We are having a car meet once again on top of the Maze Bank Tower, which will be followed by a military convoy from LSIA to Zancudo. So, whoever missed the Maze Bank Tower car meet or the previous military convoy can join the fun.

Free-Roam Carball & Sumo

Come one, come all, to Noobstaah’s two-for-one event! Carball and Sumo hosted in Free-Roam! Defeat your opponents in a free-mode interpretation of Noobstaah's popular game-modes while adhering to all rules Event Itinerary: 1. Meet in HALP session, possibly move to Invite-Only depending on number of members 2. Play some Carball 3. Play some Sumo Carball Rules: Carball is essentially GTA’s Rocket League. Line up in evenly-matched teams You must use a normal, non-boosted, non-jumping, non-weaponized, non-armored car or SUV.

WarCopters & CarBall

Carball Hosted by: Noobstaah 3600

Objective Bring any weaponized vehicle at start. Once everyone has gathered, we play a few rounds of WarCopters and then a match of CarBall. TimeAndDate September 27, 2020 1200 UTC.

Survive the Hunt

Objective Win by escaping the hunters or stopping the runner, depending on your team. Follow all the rules! Common Rules (for everyone): There will be only 1 Runner at a time. No exceptions. Time period of Surviving the Hunt will be announced prior to the game. It varies with the number of players. Every single player in the game has to have the following settings turned off - to avoid cheating and to make the game as exciting and as enjoyable as possible.

Free-Roam Carball

Carball Hosted by: Noobstaah 3600

Event Itinerary: 1. Meet in Friends-Only Session on Noobstaah 2. Assemble in sewers behind Videogeddon, set up the pitch/field 3. Play some Carball Carball Rules: Carball is essentially GTA’s Rocket League. Line up in evenly-matched teams. You must use a normal, non-boosted, non-jumping, non-weaponized, non-armored car or SUV. Host’s decision regarding cars is final. The Issi Classic is the “ball “, and two Terrobytes on either side of the playing area indicate the “net.