Events hosted by X4RN4UDx:

Gfred (Traditional)

Gfred Race Hosted by: X4RN4UDx 1800

Objective The goal is to cross the finish line as fast as possible while adhering to the rules outlined below. Event Itinerary 1. Join on x4RN4UDx at the time of the event 2. Race! Rules There are two rulesets, Open and Traditional. Open rules have the intention of allowing freedom and the ability to think creatively to complete the course quickest, especially for speedrunners. Traditional rules aim to preserve the original intent of the race and level the playing field, to have participants rely on their driving skills more than anything else.

Post Op XTreme Race - Late (Special) Delivery

Race Hosted by: X4RN4UDx 3600

Objective In teams of two, one pusher and one driver, cross the finish line first while adhering to all rules! Event program: 1. Groups of two players will be formed, consisting of 1 Post Op Driver & 1 Pusher (whom is free to take whatever pushing vehicle they desire, choose at your own risk). 2. Pushers and Drivers Park your Post Op Vans and pushing vehicles at the Post Op Depository in South East of the map.