• Roles

  • Head of Influence
  • Head of Support
  • Officer
  • Earnable Roles:

  • Head of Activities
  • Pixel Gang
  • Track Rats are some of the fastest, most serious racers in HALP. If you think you have what it takes to be recognized for your racing prowess, you can earn this role and the flag after your Discord handle by participating in Official Halp Racing Events as a Halp Member. Earning this role will make racing in HALP more difficult, because most Official Halp Racing Events impose handicaps on Track Rats.

    How to earn: 🐀

    The Race must specifically be designated as a “Track Rat Eligible Race” by the Event Host, however this may be vetoed by the Officers.
    The Race must be longer than 24 minutes.
    If Track Rats are handicapped, the person who finishes first becomes a Track Rat.
    If Track Rats are not handicapped, the first non-Track Rat on the podium gets the role, if there are any. If no non-Track Rats finish on the podium, nobody gets the role.

  • Big Donator
  • Lil Donator
  • Socialite
  • HALP Member