Please take the time to read everything carefully and have a genuine understanding of all the points mentioned. If you follow all the guidelines, it will help you stay away from trouble.

Rule 1 - Discord and Social Club Engagement


Discord participation is mandatory. Your nickname on our Discord server should always be an exact match to your Rockstar Social Club name. You are able to change your own nickname on the server if you are unverified, please change it. Be warned: if you are not in our Discord server, or if your names don’t match, you may lose access to our services.

You have the option to change your nickname for our Discord server without affecting the name you use for other servers. If you wish to change your Rockstar Social Club name and/or Discord nickname, please contact the Officers via our bot.

Required Rockstar Social Club Settings

Your Social Club Profile needs to have:

  • “Profile Visibility” set to “Everyone
  • “Show my Friends” set to “Yes
  • “Game Stats Visibility” set to “Everyone” during the application process.

This requirement allows us to verify and identify your membership. If for any reason you cannot comply with this, (including if you have indicated to Rockstar that you are under 18 and cannot apply these settings) you unfortunately cannot be accepted into HALP.

Rule 2 - General Conduct

No griefing, Player-vs-Player scrimmage, and/or malicious intent of any kind.

Don’t be a douche. The primary goal of our community is to provide a non-PvP environment for friendly players to enjoy. Naturally, you will be prompted by the game to assault other players regarding businesses and free-roam events. Please ignore the prompts and remember to avoid attacking other players.

Required Game Settings:

  • Yacht Defenses must be set to “Off
  • Player Targeting Priority must be set to “Attackers

Proximity Mines

Do not use any type of “Proximity Mines” (applies to hand-deployed, vehicle-deployed, and any other variants.)

There is a Bunker sale mission that requires players to drive the Dune FAV vehicle with business products loaded inside. This vehicle is equipped with deployable proximity mines by default. When driving during this mission, DO NOT press the “Car Horn” button (default E or L3) because it will trigger a proximity mine to drop. It can easily destroy sale mission products and kill other players. This is very critical and we ask all members to be aware of it.

If you drop a proximity mine by mistake, inform other players immediately, and destroy it as soon as it is safe to do so. Alternatively, inform other players immediately, and then throw 5 Sticky Bombs in a safe area (far away from other players) and detonate all of them at once. This will clear any remaining proximity mines that you may have dropped.


Consensual PvP is allowed with the following conditions:

  • Everyone in the game session needs must be informed about the PvP brawl and the members involved. We would recommend doing PvP in invite-only sessions or other public sessions instead, however.
  • We never initiate attack on other players and their sale/source missions.
  • When other players are participating in consentual PvP, monitor the radar and be aware of your surroundings. Keep a reasonable distance away from other players.
  • PvP can also be used as defense in the extreme scenario where your source/sale mission is being actively attacked by hostile players.

AFKing / Slot Hogging

Don’t occupy a CEO/MC slot if you don’t need it. This is especially important during 2x sale weeks, but it shouldn’t be done in general.

Don’t AFK in our sessions, make a solo public session if you want to AFK. If you do AFK in our sessions, you may be causing black screens and other loading issues for the other active players in the session.

Note: It’s allowed if you are AFK in a normal way by just standing still. The game will then kick you after 15 minutes automatically. It’s only prohibited to AFK and prevent being kicked (by watching TV or security cameras, for example). If we suspect that you are AFK, you will be tagged on Discord. As the normal AFK timer is 15 minutes, you will have 15 minutes to respond to the ping before a votekick is initiated on you.

Rule 3 - Have a Clean Profile

Banned Crews

Having a Clean Profile means that you and your friends are not in any banned crews. This includes both primary and secondary crews. If you have FIBC, you must remove those friends on Social Club, otherwise your application will be denied. You can use the FCL to check if any of your friends are in banned crews (more details in Rule 4).

Banned Players

These are players that we consider to be inappropriate for our community based on their general misconducts. Double check to make sure that none of these players are on your friend list.

View the full list of banned crews and banned players.

Rule 4 - Friends’ Crew List

Friends’ Crew List

Also known as the FCL, this is a list that shows all the crews your friends are in (even if they belong to multiple crews), and can be used routinely to help you maintain a Clean Profile. While there are technically multiple ways to check your FCL, we recommend using the in-game menu, following the steps outlined below.

Submit FCL via In-Game SC Overlay

  1. Open GTA 5 and load into the game.
  2. Open the Social Club overlay by pressing home on keyboard or RB+BACK on controller.
  3. Go to Social
  4. Go to Find Crew
  5. Go to the All Types dropdown
  6. Scroll all the way down
  7. Go to "My Friends' Crews"
  8. Now take a screenshot with printscreen or the tool of your choice
  9. If you used printscreen you can paste the screenshot directly into Discord using CTRL+V

Once you have gained access to your FCL using a method of choice, check carefully to make sure that you don’t have ANY FIBC. The FCL won’t tell you exactly which friend is in which crew, so if you see a banned crew in your FCL, you must manually check every single one of your friends including their primary and secondary crews until it is clean. For this reason, we suggest keeping your friends list short, and checking it regularly.

You are required to submit screenshots of your FCL. Please refer to the Application Process for more information.

Below are the criteria:

  • You must not have any FIBC, otherwise you must remove them or convince them to leave the banned crew.
  • Your image must be clear and easy to read.
  • We must be able to see your Social Club Name in the image.
  • You must show at least the top couple of rows on your FCL

Staff members that handle applications are marked with the role “Officers” on Discord. You can reach them via Ms. Baker, via DM, or by pinging them in the chat using the @Officers user mention.

Rule 5 - Vouching System

What about my friends?

We know you are loyal and would hate to see you abandon your buddies. No problem at all. You are allowed to vouch for your friends to play in our sessions temporarily, if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You are responsible for your friends’ actions. Their Social Club profile needs to have “Profile Visibility” set to “Everyone” and “Show my Friends” set to “Yes” at all times. It is your job to make sure their profile is visible to players in the session.
  • They must have a Clean Profile.
  • They must abide by all of our rules and play in a non-hostile manner.
  • Use the /vouch request <playername> command in the Dedicated vouching channel on Discord
  • Other members must verify the player and accept or deny it
  • Wait until your request is accepted before inviting your friend in the session
  • Your friend cannot invite anyone else into the session
  • You cannot vouch for someone that has an Under-18 Social Club Profile
  • Each player can be vouched for a maximum of 3 times. Afterwards they can no longer be vouched and will need to become a member should they wish to join.
  • If any of the above conditions are not met, you will be given a warning. Collect three of these warnings and you will lose your vouching privilege for three months so act wisely.

We try our best to make reasonable accommodations so please do your part to help make our servers safe.

Rule 6 - Vote Kick

Remove unwanted players from the session

Unwanted players, sometimes referred to as “randoms” are not welcome in our sessions due to their potential hostility.

How to spot unwanted players:

  • They are in a banned crew or no crew
  • Their Social Club profile is not visible
  • They are attacking other players in the session or being hostile in general
  • They are a player that is not properly vouched for
  • One of our members who has been AFK for some time
  • Any combination of the things mentioned above

Unwanted players will sometimes drop into our sessions due to Rockstar’s matchmaking system. It is crucial that we kick these players out of our sessions immediately if they enter. See a video example of how the vote kick process works in-game.

If you notice unwanted players in the session, remember to inform other members, treat it as the highest priority and initiate a vote kick.

Note: If you have friends joining into our sessions, make sure you vouch for them properly, otherwise they will be treated as unwanted players. As mentioned before, you are responsible for the people in your friends list so be mindful of that.

Rule 7 - Publicity

We want courteous players in our community

To avoid undesired attention from griefers, we suggest inviting your friends to our community only if they share our goals and values. This also means that any form of recruitment attempts should be done privately and you can direct them to our websites for more info.

Rule 8 - Cheating

Any form of cheating and/or modding are prohibited

To ensure a stellar experience for all our members, we do not allow players to cheat. This includes, but is not limited to, using third party mod menus to affect other players.

Final Remarks

Make sure that you are familiar with the rules before starting the Application Process.

Following these rules should get you started on the right track. For more details, make sure to see our FAQ.

Notice someone breaking the rules? You can report them by contacting the Officers via our bot.

Good luck; see you all in Los Santos!