Events with the "Plane Meet" tag include:

Power Show-Off

Helloo there Los Santossss! Noob here with you and we got another event ahead of us in this city of crimee!! Oh, I love this town, love it like you might love Lester who doesnโ€™t pick up your phone when you are trying to lose cops and now stops you to ask if you want to have orgy with him Every day here means a hundred new criminals but only half these assholes will survive a year, and thatโ€™s it if itโ€™s a good one, and why do these peeps come to LS?

Precision Helicopter Rappelling Challenge and Sparrow Showcase

Steady yourselves and prepare for the Precision Helicopter Rappelling Challenge and Sparrow Showcase! In theory, it's simple. Hover over the target and have the passenger lower down the rope from an Annihilator Stealth ($3,870,000/$2,902,500), Annihilator ($1,825,000) or Maverick ($780,000) helicopter. If you miss, however, your passenger will glibly descend down into the cold water, destined to swim back to the shoreline stairs to be collected from behind the gate for another attempt.

Nokotas-vs-Moguls Air Fight - Boom Boom

Alright boys and girls this is it, after the ultrafight ultraflop, we are in dire need of some air violence. Original event by RedCamaroSS may his soul rest in peace. Participants have the option to either play solo in a Nokota or as a team of 2 in a Mogul, No rounds, no points, just maximum slappage for an hour or as long as you need to realise your KD:A have tanked enough for one day.

Ultralight Ultra Fight

ULTRA FIGHT: Heat seeking missiles? Explosive machine guns? Speed of sound? when did we need all of these added luxuries to have some good ol'fashioned violence? Strap a 600 pounder's G-string to some sticks with the engine and chair from a lawnmower and a machine gun then meet me up there. Event Itinerary 1. Join the Friends-Only Session on BlazeRoman at the time of the event. 2. Prepare your Ultralight and meet up at Zancudo airfield for some aerial pew-pew action.

Bandit on Your Six

Have you ever wanted to show off your piloting skills at mach 1 using an over weaponized aircraft? Well, you won't get a better chance than this. Hop in your seat and show your friends to whom does the sky belongs. Gather at Los Santos International Airport and show us your favourite aircraft, it can be weaponized or not, then participate in adversary modes! Event Itinerary 1. Weโ€™ll meet in a Friends-Only session on Athoril_ .

Avengers, Disassemble!

Objective: Destroy all enemy Avengers, while flying around, as a duo, to win. Event Itinerary: 1. Meet in friends-only session 2. Form up in teams of two, in Avengers 3. Explode! Rules: 1. Do not crash into enemy Avengers. Red can host an event for that if you want. 2. You will be flying around. Autopilot, and being stationary for more 5 seconds, are not allowed. 3. If your team’s Avenger is down, wait down there till the round is over.