Events with the "Rally" tag include:

HALP Secret Rally Event #1 (Track Rat Race)

Preps 1. Required: Purchase one of the following non-banned vehicles. No restrictions for Track Rats. The following vehicles are recommended: Recommended Vehicles Price Site Karin Kuruma (Non-Armored) $126,350 SSSA Sultan RS (Benny’s) $795,000 Benny’s Sultan RS Classic $1,789,000 SSSA Lampadati Tropos Rallye $816,000 SSSA The following vehicles have been tested: Approved Vehicles Banned Vehicles Sultan RS Elegy RH8 Sultan RS Classic Elegy Classic (no skylines :( Kuruma (Non-Amroured) Jugular Calico GTF Flash GT Omnis Issi Sport Tropos Rallye GB200 Toros Comet Safari Penumbra Blista Kanjo (this was painful) Issi Rally All supers except the Sultan RS Briso R/A Sentinel Classic Sugoi 2.

Redripz's Rocky Raton Canyon Retinue Rally And Relay Race

Car Meet Race Rally Hosted by: BlazeRoman 3600

Dust off your little rust box Vapid Retinue for a set of freemode rocky raton rally races! Event Itinerary 1. Join Friends-Only Session on BlazeRoman and go to Raton Canyon with your Vapid Retinue (regular, NOT Retinue MKII). First race: Participants will race head-to-head two at a time, as the road is narrow, bumpy, and the Retinue handles like a horny teenager. Second race: Downhill uphill chain, form teams of two where after the first racer crosses the finish line, their team mate will race the course in reverse and the winner is determined by who finishes both runs first.