Events with the "Survive the Hunt" tag include:

Cops and Runners

Do you ever feel like you want to live in a fast and furious movie? Join the chase and flee Los Santos's finest blues in your gaudiest car. Buy any 4-wheeled street-spawnable vehicle before the event, no engine modification is allowed and no bulletproof tyres, but make it as gaudy as possible. Also make sure you have at least one Pegasus vehicle, such as the Mule ready. Each Round 1.

Survive the Hunt #2

Survive the Hunt is finally back! Go shopping, buy NPC clothes, and observe closely how NPCs drive because you definitely will want to become an NPC when the whole session is after your blood! Make the required changes in game settings according to the rules below, and send Noobstaah a screenshot of your game without HUD, Radar, or Player Overhead Display and you will be invited to the session up to 30 minutes before the event start time.

Survive the Run + Zancudo

Same as Survive the hunt, but without 98% of its rules, because why not. Freedom intensifies! 1 runner vs loads of chasers. If runner survives for 5 mins, runner wins otherwise, *insert clown horn here.* Complimentary Zancudo raid shootout and shit-show afterwards! Event Itinerary 1. Join the Friends-Only Session on Noobstaah at the time of the event. 2. Participate in Survive The Run 3. Participate in complimentary Zancudo shootout + shitshow Rules: Runner: There is only 1 runner.

Survive the Hunt

Objective Win by escaping the hunters or stopping the runner, depending on your team. Follow all the rules! Common Rules (for everyone): There will be only 1 Runner at a time. No exceptions. Time period of Surviving the Hunt will be announced prior to the game. It varies with the number of players. Every single player in the game has to have the following settings turned off - to avoid cheating and to make the game as exciting and as enjoyable as possible.